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Tips to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

Moving homes, including your piano, can be quite a challenging task. A piano contains more than ten thousand moving parts and is a heavy and fragile instrument. Owners are usually nervous about damaging the piano. They want the move to be as smooth as possible. Letting experts transport the complex instrument to your new home is the best choice.


Let’s look at some tips to prepare your piano for movingyou should be aware of.


What Kind of Piano Is It?

Identify the type of piano being shifted. This will make the task of disassembling the piano and assembling it back together easier.


Do You Have a Suitable Unit for Storage?

Pianos need a suitable unit to protect them from moisture. Pianos are made of cloth, wood, leather, and felt and are susceptible to moisture. The perfect humidity level for a piano is between forty to fifty percent. The unit should also be adequately sized to fit the piano.


Do You Have All Adequate Packing Supplies?

The right packing supplies are also necessary to keep the piano safe while it is moved. You can wrap the piano with bubble wrap and thick blankets. This will save the piano from scratches and breaks. Straps and tape will also be required to hold the blankets to the piano. A moving dolly is also needed to make your piano mobile. The right vehicle is also needed where the piano can be placed. It’s best if the vehicle also has a hydraulic lift to smooth unloading and loading.


Clean Your Piano

Make sure your piano is cleaned up before you pack it. This way, it will be in excellent condition after being taken out of storage.

If the piano has dust on it, wipe it off with a duster. You can also polish the piano, so the wood has its pristine shine. Make sure you use a polish made especially for pianos.


Keep the Keys Covered

When moving your piano, don’t forget to cover the keys. You can do this with a lint-free cloth or a dust-protectant cover. It’s best to cover the pianos keys as they are likely to catch dust when not used. Tune your piano after you set it up at the new house. Don’t tune it before sending it to the warehouse.


Make Sure the Piano is Tightly Wrapped

The piano should be wrappedwith blankets, straps, ropes, and tape. Also, add another plastic layer over this to keep the piano safe from the elements.


Concluding Thoughts

At Utah Piano Movers, we specialize in moving pianos. Our services are affordable and reliable. We also have the expertise to shift your piano safely to your new location. For details, call us at (801)396-7323.