Spinet Piano Movers in Utah

If you have a Spinet Piano, Utah Piano Movers is here to help! We have the necessary man power, tools and protection needed to move your beautiful piano wherever it needs to go!

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What are the steps involved in moving my Spinet Piano?

  1. Measure and Determine the Size of your Piano (Length, Width, Height)
  2. Remove the legs and dissemble any other parts that may be prone to breaking during the move.
  3. Supply all the necessary blankets, padding  and protection to securely transport your piano.
  4. With man power and our piano dolly, we will move your piano into our moving truck, and securely fasten it for the move.
  5. We repeat these steps in the opposite order and your piano will be moved, unharmed and safe and its new location!

What is a Spinet Piano?

A spinet piano is a small, compact piano that is perfect for smaller spaces. Spinet pianos have a shorter keyboard than a traditional grand or upright piano, making them more affordable and easier to move. Spinet pianos usually¬†range from 36″ to 39″ tall.

Spinet pianos are ideal for beginner or intermediate players who are looking for a quality instrument that won’t break the bank. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive piano, spinets still offer a great sound and feel that can help you improve your skills. Spinet pianos are also a good choice for people who want to add a second piano to their home, as they take up less space than larger models.

Spinet Piano Movers Near Me

If you live in Utah and need qualified and professional Spinet Piano Movers near me, then give Utah Piano Movers a call! We guarantee a safe and stress free piano move!

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