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Tips On How To Move A Piano

A piano is a very valuable item, and generally, we recommend calling professional piano movers in Utah to get the job done. Pianos are large and bulky, and moving them from one place to another, especially when stairs, elevators, or tight spaces are involved, can lead to an injury or damage to your piano. Thus, you need to be extra careful and have the right equipment and help in place when undertaking such a task.


This article will discuss some helpful tips on how to move a piano safely to a new location. Let’s get started!


If you plan to move the piano yourself, you must be prepared. The first thing you need to do is measure the piano’s dimensions and map out the path it will take. For instance, the doors, rooms, and hallways the piano has to go through to reach its desired place. After measuring the piano, measure the doors and hallways and see what needs to be disassembled to make the move stress-free.

Get The Right Equipment

Next, gather the right equipment and moving supplies beforehand, so you are not looking for things at the last moment. The moving supplies required depend on the piano type. For instance, if you have an upright piano, you need piano dollies, but if you have a grand piano, you would need special moving equipment, called a piano board or skid board.


Other supplies include tie-down straps, packing tape, gloves, and a stair ramp.

Protect The Piano

Now the most important part in moving a piano, i.e.,  securing the piano. The piano is heavy and will move through tight spaces; because of this, follow the mentioned tips below:


  • Unscrew the piano legs and lay the piano down gently.
  • Cover the piano in moving blankets and use packaging tape to secure the edges.
  • Ensure the sharp edges are covered properly so as not to leave marks on the walls.

Create A Path

Next, create a path that the piano will take when it’s being moved. Review the path with the helpers and ensure everyone is on the same page. In some cases, you might also have to take down doors to ensure you get a larger maneuvering space.

Move The Piano

The last tip on moving a piano is safely getting it into the moving truck. For this, professionals recommend that the piano should be the first thing loaded into the moving truck. You also need to secure the piano with straps and ropes to minimize movement during travel.


Moreover, get the piano re-tuned after moving. A piano has thousands of small and sensitive parts that need to be looked after from time to time or when they have traveled a long distance.

Get Professional Help

As you can see, moving a piano is not easy, thus, you should leave it to professional piano movers in Utah. Professional movers are licensed and insured and have the proper equipment and experience to ensure your piano gets moved without any hassle or damage. We hope this article helped!