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3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Piano Movers

It’s common to go through one’s belongings and make some decisions as one pack for a relocation. Deciding what you will keep and throw away is already a hassle. But for piano owners, the question of how to transport their instrument safely arises as an added burden.

To successfully relocate a piano, you’ll need a strong team of people who can lift and carry the heavy instrument. Depending on the piano size, you’ll need at least four people.

They must be in good physical condition, able to lift heavy objects, and appropriately attired. To avoid the hassle of carrying the heavy piano up and down stairs and through narrow hallways, it is recommended that you hire professional piano moving services to do the heavy lifting for you.

Skilled Professional

A piano may look like a sturdy piece of furniture, but it’s a very fragile and complex piece of musical equipment. You would need a heavy table to move them. Parts of the piano fall and shift as the instrument moves, making it more like a dynamic system.

Because of its peculiar form, the piano’s mass is not uniformly distributed across its body. Therefore, with prior experience and knowledge, it can be easier to maneuver it through hallways, stairs, corridors, and rooms.

Injury Avoidance

Although pianos come in many sizes and shapes, they are all quite heavy. They are not easy to transport, especially if multiple flights of stairs are involved. Trying to move it on your own is not worth the risk of injury or damage to the piano.

If you even look away for a second, the piano can run after you down the stairs. If you lift improperly and injure your back, you may need emergency medical services and a hospital stay. Even if you avoid physical harm, the piano’s fall could cause property damage.

It’s possible to find grand pianos that weigh over a thousand pounds. Moving the piano requires four to six strong men, so try it with others. Damage or destruction will likely occur if you do this.

Worry Less

No matter how short the distance, there are a million and one other things that must be planned and organized for any household relocation.

Hiring professional piano movers means less stress and more time for you to focus on other aspects of the move, like finding a new home and enrolling your kids in school. The stress of moving can be significantly reduced by hiring a full-service piano moving company to take care of the piano for you.


Whether moving to a new house or merely wanting to store your piano, handling it all alone can be stressful and even harmful for your instrument.

Utah Piano Movers is aware that pianos are more than expensive and delicate pieces of furniture; they also frequently contain a great deal of sentimental value for the people who own them. For this reason, we shall take measures to ensure that they are always secure.